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  • Background
    ACCSQ Product Working Group on Prepared Foodstuff (PF PWG) was established to assist ACCSQ in addressing the elimination of technical barriers to trades for prepared foodstuff among member countries. The PF PWG has determined its work programmes, classified into 4 activities led by assigned countries which are,

  • Achieving transparency of regulatory regime (Thailand)
  • Enhancing the technical infrastructure (Philippines)
  • Specifying area for MRA (Indonesia)
  • Strengthening of food safety standard (Malaysia)

  • The ASEAN Consultative Network on PF PWG has been established under the ASEAN Food Safety Network website with the objective to achieve transparency of prepared foodstuff regulatory regime among member countries and enable food control authorities to discuss as well as propose measures to address issues in relation to prepared foodstuff sector the region. ¿Dónde puedo comprar Cialis caro y seguro?
        List of Contact Point
        Related document/report / information
        Information Exchange Template for the Existing Standards Regulations Procedures and Mandatory Requirements
        Submit / complete information
        Information submitted / completed by ASEAN Member States
        Profile of ASEAN regulatory regime for prepared foodstuff
        Review, analyze and define similarities and differences of the member countries
        Implementation of the ASEAN Common Food Control Requirements
        ASEAN Harmonized Standards and Requirements
        ASEAN Food Reference Laboratoies (AFRLs)