ASEAN Food Safety Network

When I was developing the food safety network, one of the things that I wanted to do was to make sure that our food safety standards were at least comparable in many of the countries in ASEAN.

After doing my research, I realized that it would be really difficult to have a system like this where a country submitted its standard and other countries followed suit. The approach I decided on is actually quite simple: instead of submitting multiple standards that may differ from each other across different countries, we can use one standard for the whole region and update it as needed.

ASEAN Food Safety Network (AFSN) is a cooperative project in which 20 countries of Southeast Asia have committed to improve food safety by sharing information and research results. AFSN has been launched on the basis of the 7 ASEAN-wide food safety standards, namely: “instrumentation”, “partnership”, “national” and “international”.

The article describes how the ASEAN Food Safety Network uses artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate sharing information, create content, maintain collaboration, even develop a shared culture in order to achieve high quality and higher efficiency.

The food sector is one of the most sensitive sectors in our world. In food safety, new technology has never been present. That’s why they are still a mystery to us. ASEAN Food Safety Network is an organization with a dedicated team of Food Safety professionals who work to provide consumers with safe and healthy food products in the ASEAN region.

ASEAN representatives have a direct effect on the food safety in the region, and it is therefore important for them to work together to coordinate their efforts.

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ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is the most important and populous supranational organization in the Asia-Pacific region. It consists of six countries – Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar. In 2015, it had a population of 638 million people.

The ASEAN Food Safety Network is an intergovernmental group that aims to improve food safety in all member states by:

ASEAN is a common name for the countries in Southeast Asia. The ASEAN community does not only include Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, but also Thailand and Vietnam.

A global value chain is a set of activities that integrate producers, processors, retailers and consumers with each other. All these activities are controlled by governments and regulated by different laws. In addition to these regulatory controls on food safety, there are extensive government control on many other aspects of the production system such as labour conditions and prices. The Asean Food Safety Network has been established to address this issue in an international scale.

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